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5 Reasons Why Your Cat Needs a Cat Tree

Do you know that cats view their world on the ground and at a higher vertical level? Your cat loves to tower over you because they know they’re the boss. And yes, the cats need for extra space is natural.

Indoor cats that don’t have access to real trees have man-made trees where they climb and spend time. Perched high atop the cat tower they can play, nap, and relax and they watch everything that’s going on.

So, why do many cats enjoy being in higher places around your home and surveying everything beneath them?

Here are the main reasons why you should invest in a cat tree.

  1. Cats Use Heights for Safety

Outdoor cats climb on trees to observe their surroundings from a safe place. Further, it may use the raised place to target prey or get away from predators. Your indoor cat has similar instincts.

By climbing onto her car tree, she can survey her surrounding or get away from other cats in the house. having a cat tree helps reduce feline conflicts in your house as it gives them a place to escape to.

  1. The Cat Tower is Highly Entertaining

When you bring a new cat to your house, they’ll get curious after some months. Here, you’ll find them jumping on high closets or the fridge.

If you notice this behaviour, buy a cat tree immediately. Your pet needs to be entertained. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a structure where they can climb, your furniture will fall prey. You don’t want this to happen.

A tall cat tree can provide hours of endless fun to your cat.

  1. Gives them a Personal Space

Unlike dogs, cats are not sociable animals. They’re times they’ll want to curl up next to you, but then there will be more times when they’ll want to be alone. This is more likely when you have other pets at home. The cat tower offers a safe space that belongs only to them.

  1. Helps Your Cat Exercise

Yes, your cat-like dogs also need exercise. Jumping, playing around and exercising helps them maintain a healthy weight.

Having cat trees allows your kitty to get the necessary exercising without you having to walk them on a leash. It is therefore effective for people who are not at home for long periods.

Further, having a cat tree prevents the feline from taking their boredom by scratching chairs and couches.

  1. Reduces Anxiety

A cat can easily become prone to anxiety. They may hide when guests or other animals visit the house. And yes, a cat can develop anxiety if you’ve introduced a child to your home.

In this case, the feline needs a safe space that can be provided by a cat tower. Here, they can climb up, away from all their fears, and have an earned rest while managing their anxiety.


Now you’ve seen the primary reason why your kitty needs a cat tower at home. And since cat trees come in different shapes and sizes, assess how much space you have before making the purchase.

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