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Bedtime Routines to Help Calm Anxious Dogs

Your dog may feel anxious when traveling in cars or when left alone while you’re out for work, which is why you invest in dog car seat covers to prevent motion sickness and toys to keep them busy while alone. But what if they feel anxious at night, right before bedtime?

You may have noticed that your dog has difficulty in settling down when he needs to sleep. While it’s normal for dogs to feel anxious or more energetic come night, it doesn’t make it less frustrating for us, humans.

Fortunately, there are ways you can calm an anxious dog, starting with the right bedtime routines. Here are effective bedtime routines our dog can follow so he can sleep soundly in no time.

  1. Provide a secure and comfortably space for sleeping

For starters, give your dog the comfortable place for him to sleep in while feeling secure. He is most likely going to sleep in the same area, so give him a calming pet bed from stores like PetSwag, keeping them cozy for them to snuggle and sleep peacefully.  Don’t forget his favorite stuffed toy (NO squeaky toys) to have him feel secure!

If your dog isn’t sleeping well, it may be due to his bed. He may have stopped using it because it is uncomfortable or worn down, so it may be time for a replacement. Also, make sure that his sleeping spot isn’t a high-traffic area, which would disrupt his sleep from all the noise.

  1. Give calming treats and scents

Give your dog a treat before bed, which would have him look forward to something special each night. When he associates bedtime with a yummy treat, it will help him settle down for bedtime better.

There are calming pet treats that can lull your pet to dreamland, too! Some pet stores have treats and chews for dogs incorporating safe and healthy ingredients like Acetyl L-Carnitine, Barberry, even Cannabidiol, all coming in yummy flavors. Just make sure that you check with your vet before feeding them to your dog.

Try making his environment even more sleep-inducing with calming scents, a natural alternative over medication. Spray your dog’s bed, toys, or his surroundings with calming blends of essential oils like lavender and chamomile.

  1. Spend time together before sleeping

Nothing calms a pet down faster than his owner’s presence. When your puppy is now calm and ready to sleep, choose a quiet activity you and your dog can do together.

Pet him gently as you whisper your appreciation for him being a good boy. Tuck him in and give him a kiss before heading to bed yourself, which can ease his anxiety and get him ready to doze off quicker. This can help lull you into sleep as well!

Wrapping It Up

When you have a good bedtime routine, you get to ease you and your dog’s stress and anxiety, tucking your pet into bed. It’s easy and doesn’t cost a lot, so try following these routines!

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