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Changing Photo Into Painting

Photos are a great way to capture a memory as it is happening. Whether this is a special event like a wedding or proposal, or any special moment, photos are able to take a stand still moment in time and make it last forever. The nice thing about a photo is that you can store them digitally or have them printed. The only downside to this is that if your camera has a low resolution the prints can only be a small size. The reason the images cannot be scaled up is because low resolution will result in a blurry and fuzzy image which loses its clarity. For low resolution photos a good alternative is to convert the photograph into a painting. This is accomplished by giving the photo to an artist and describing the dimensions that you want the final painting to be. Another function of this process is to change up an already printed picture that you have hanging on a wall. For many the initial hanging of a photo can be a special moment and for a while will evoke a sense of happiness. After a while however the new factor begins to wear off and the photo slowly loses its specialness. A great way to spruce up these memories depicted in the photo is to have a picture to painting transition done. Below is a continued discussion of how to change a picture into a painting as well as common reasons to convert photos into paintings. 

How to do it

Converting a picture into a painting may sound like a daunting task but in reality having the right tools and companies makes the job as easy as uploading a picture, choosing your specifications, and paying for it. These sites ask you to upload the image you are wishing to have painted. This gives the artist the main reference point to create the painting. The nice thing about this step is that the image can be any sized image as long as the artist is able to make out details, colors, and the essence of the photo and the moment being photographed. In this way the service allows you to put blinders on an artist and only give them a window to base the painting on. While some may say you stifle creativity without having the artist physically present, it actually is a much better choice for the customer commissioning the art piece. Since the customer chooses the items the artist can base the painting off of it allows the customer more control of what they want and it gives the artist a better idea of the work that needs to be created. With a photo selected the company will ask about preferences in medium, size, and artist preference. With these all answered it is as simple as waiting for the painting to be delivered and to proudly hang it on the wall.

Combining images

A common request when converting a picture into a painting is to combine multiple photos into one painting. This allows for artists to create pieces of art with people next to one another that normally would not be able to happen under whatever circumstances. Multigenerational family portraits can be made with this technique and is a great way to celebrate heritage and your roots. Another use is to create a family portrait of a family that is separated by large distances. Since these people are unable to all meet in one space at once, paintings allow the same joy and sense of family by manufacturing these moments so families separated by distance feel a little closer to one another.

Switching it up

A common people decorate their walls and personalize them is by adding photographs of trips, family, and other personal moments. While these are fairly easy to obtain and hang, they can loose their meaning as you get desensitized to them. To switch it up and be different one can take these photos and have them turned into beautiful pieces of artwork. Not only is personalized artwork unique but it also elevates a space by adding an element of handmade art that is a true one of a kind piece. 

Overall changing a photo into a painting is a relatively easy and quick process. With a few clicks and a couple of keystrokes anybody is able to have their own custom painting created of virtually anything. This ease makes a painting much more attainable and so much more personal. These paintings make great gifts that are sure to put a smile on a loved one’s face. With modern smartphones having quite good cameras, a simple phone photoshoot is all it takes to create a beautifully personalized piece of art that captures a moment, a person, or a special event. Having an attachment to a piece of art makes it a lot easier to appreciate the hard work and handmade qualities that go into painting.