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Four Lovable Activities your Dog will Learn During Training

As a man’s best friend, a dog requires training to instill discipline for it to understand and live more like a human than an animal. But for this to succeed, you must attend dog training classes Houston or take your dog to a trainer. It sounds simple, but training a dog may consume a considerable investment in terms of time and money.

Dogs can learn almost anything you teach them to do. Some training activities will take you several months while others are simple tasks which take a few days. Nevertheless, here are some training activities you will love your dog to perform effortlessly.

  • Opening and closing doors 

If you are a fan of watching movies, it’s likely you have seen dogs opening doors for their owners. This is a breathtaking moment that you can visualize when you train the dog how to do so. Dog training classes Houston  equips your canine with these skills making your home look like a movie scene!

While the trick is easily grasped by big dog breeds, Chihuahuas and its smaller cousins find it difficult to open the door at first. To get them opening and shutting the door, attach stuffed toys or ropes on the door lever. This will not only aid them to open the door but also helps them differentiate which doors they should attempt to open and which they shouldn’t.

  • Play hide-and-seek 

Dogs are good gamers, and they should be trained to understand how to play different games like hide-and-seek. Dog training classes Houston has a team of canine handlers who are good at this. They will train your dog in basic terms used in the game and how to respond when they are called upon.

  • How to use a loo 

Most dogs poop 1-5 times a day. Imagine having a dog that doesn’t know how to use a loo? Of course, your home will be a living hell of foul smell! Teaching your dog how to use a loo can be complicated since the dog must associate the urge to poop with your commands in order to do the right thing.

Dog training classes Houston teaches your dog how to use the loo. A team of experts first understands the behavior of your dog then initiates an interactive training session.

After a couple of weeks of training, your dog will start adopting these life-changing tricks.

  • kissing 

All dogs know how to kiss in dog’s style- licking your face until it is covered with saliva. This sounds disgusting, but it isn’t easy turning away the advances of that innocent creature. So how do you overcome this situation?

In Texas dog training classes, Houston specialists teach your dogs how to kiss you gently. It is usually a challenge, but veterans in this industry know what to do to make a dog leave its in-born behaviors and adapt to human culture.

You can teach your dog so many things, but to be successful in this, you need dog training classes in Houston. If you have poodle puppies, matured bulldogs, or cool labradors, training things that will make family friends.

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