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Get a nice Yorkie puppy

A Yorkie puppy is always difficult to train as they are known to have mind of their own and are quite intelligent. However with patience and perseverance you can train the Yorkshire terrier to become a great pet and companion. A really difficult thing is potty training as Yorkie puppies have a tendency of having housebreaking problem. If possible spend extra hours with this particular training so that you can get over this problem rather quickly. Apart from personal training it will be helpful if you send your dog to group training classes. In the company of other puppies your dog will learn faster and the interaction with other people will make it more social.

Since the Yorkie has long furs it is important that it is brushed and combed almost daily, especially after exercise and play otherwise the long coat will become matted. Some owners take the decision of trimming down of their Yorkshire Terriers’ coat to very short hair if they are finding it difficult to groom the puppy every single day. If it is untrimmed, a Yorkshire terrier’s coat will reach down to the floor on both sides of the body. The Yorkshire terrier has soft fur which is silky but at the same time gets easily tangled.

It is important to give regular exercise to a Yorkshire terrier in order to help him burn off extra energy. A few rounds of short walks and chasing a ball will keep the dog happy, fit and occupied. It will be a great thing if children are taught how to safely interact with a Yorkie puppy. If the Yorkie is playing with a larger dog then monitor the play between them in order to prevent injuries as the puppy can be dropped, squeezed or pushed hard or even stepped upon so get dog leads.

If you bring a Yorkie puppy home then you also need to take some preparations. Make the areas you want the dog not to enter, inaccessible to it. Yorkie puppies are generally curious and will try to enter every place. Since these dogs are very delicate you should register the dog with the appropriate institutions so that you receive benefits such as insurance and health care. It is important to take your new pet to the veterinary doctor so that the puppy can receive all the necessary vaccinations. Raising a puppy means you will have to feed it healthy food which should be carefully bought.

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