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How do I know if my dog likes dog daycare?

Taking your dog to dog daycare services can leave you a bit concerned. And this happens since not all dogs are happy with such an arrangement. Some dogs might dread spending the day at a dog daycare. Hyper-active dogs, protective dogs, or insecure dogs might have a hard time accommodating. To help you understand your pup, we shared next our insights on how to know if a dog likes dog daycare. Let’s see what you need to know!

Your dog is anxious around other dogs.

A telltale sign your dog doesn’t like dog daycare is anxious behavior. When your pup runs, hides, and folds his ears back is a clear sign he is afraid and unhappy. So, spending the day in a group of active and playful dogs might not be the best thing for him. It might actually make his anxiety worse.

Your dog is aggressive around other dogs.

A common symptom of anxiety in dogs is aggression. Spending an entire day in a place your pup doesn’t like will make him accumulate a lot of frustration. So, after leaving the dog daycare service, your dog might become aggressive around other dogs. This can happen when you expect it the least! Experts say that an anxious dog learns during dog daycare how to be defensive, which is why it can become difficult for you to walk him.

Your dog’s needs aren’t tended to.

There are many tips on choosing the best dog daycare services. And one you should pay close attention to is how the staff will help your pup accommodate. If your dog daycare facility is missing important stuff, it might be the perfect time to choose another location. If your dog doesn’t go during regular walks, doesn’t get scared off, or you simply observe he feels awful at the end of the day, it is a clear sign your dog doesn’t like dog daycare.

Your dog daycare provider isn’t sharing any updates.

Communication is vital for every pet owner. So, a professional dog daycare service will be the one that talks with you at all times. Asking how your dog behaves and how well he adapts to your provider must offer valuable insights into your pup’s wellbeing. An expert won’t allow you to take your dog to daycare if he is stressed out and not fitting in.

You feel like the staff isn’t properly trained.

Every dog daycare service must have knowledgeable teams. They should have in-depth training on dog behavior and body language. So, if you notice they are constantly unsure about your pup’s wellbeing, it might be the perfect time to search for another dog daycare facility. When the staff is not trained, your dog will be unhappy throughout the day. His needs won’t be met since they will have a hard time reading canine body language.

The bottom line

This is how you can tell a dog likes dog daycare. There are plenty of alarming signs that will indicate something is wrong. But if you notice your pup is unhappy, you should do your best to search for other dog daycare services.

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