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How to Prepare Your Pet for Dog Boarding

Most of us would like to bring out pets everywhere with us, but there are occasions where the family pet has to stay behind. There are several options when it comes to babysitting for your dog, some choose to leave the dog with friends or family, while others book a few days in a dog boarding kennel. If you have decided on a kennel, here are some ways to prepare your pet for boarding.

Plan a Trail

If you are thinking about dog boarding in Sydney, why not consider a one-day trial instead of signing them up for a longer period? If your pet is particularly nervous or prone to anxiety, you could try a trial run to see how they respond. A trial area of 24 hours will allow your pet to ease into the environment, so they relax when you are gone.

Your dog should adjust better when it comes to leaving them for a longer stay, they will also be more familiar with the kennel.

Change the Dogs Sleeping Habits

To prepare your dog for a boarding kennel, you need to adjust their sleeping habits. If your dog likes to sleep with you or in your room, you must change this before you go on holiday. Do your best to adjust the dog’s sleeping habits by getting them used to sleeping alone. If they cry when they sleep alone, they will do the same thing when boarded.

Personal Items

Every dog has a favourite toy or blanket that they love. Remember to bring this to the kennel when they are boarding. Although the kennel will have play areas and more, there is nothing like having some home comforts. You can also bring an old item of your clothing that your dog can sleep with to help them relax. Personal items can include anything your dog has an attachment to, such as:

  • Old socks
  • Chewy toy
  • Blanket

Make the Goodbye Quick

Try your best not to make the goodbye an emotional experience. Many pet owners cry when they drop off their furry friend and this has a negative impact on the dog.

Once you prepare your dog for boarding, you will feel a lot better about leaving them with a kennel. Take steps to prepare them for a new environment and make sure you choose a reputable kennel for boarding. Provide the minders with everything they need to know, such as medical history and preferred meals.

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