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Things you Probably Didn’t Know About Rabbits

Rabbits make the best pets, especially for a busy family, as they do not require much attention. They also combine the traits of the pets we keep at home; they are independent, loyal and playful. You don’t need to walk a rabbit as you’d do with a dog. With a Hay Box supply available, you can go about your business while at the same time leaving your pet well taken care of.

If you are a rabbit lover or looking to pet them, you need to know some facts about them.

  1. They are social animals

Rabbits live in groups that feature strong hierarchies. They prefer living in groups, and therefore, if you want to own a rabbit, you should be thinking about a budget for not less than two. They don’t fancy being hutched up and lonely.

Keep at least two of them together and create enough space to live harmoniously. If you don’t have a budget for two or more rabbits, then it would mean you will be the one to offer companionship.

  1. There are different breeds

There are multiple rabbit breeds, and you should research them before buying them. The breeds come in different shapes, personalities, and sizes. The different breeds also have varying care needs.

For instance, the American rabbit has a calm and sweet personality and requires gentle handling. More so, grooming for the rabbit is also indulging and can live up to 12 years. There is also the checkered giant rabbit which weighs up to 13 pounds. The rabbit is ideal for families looking for a companion. While the rabbit is gentle, it is less affectionate and independent.

When choosing a rabbit, pick a breed that suits your living situation.

  1. Rabbits are not rodents

This may come as a surprise to many, but rabbits are not rodents. As much as they have continuously growing teeth, they belong to a different group of mammals known as lagomorphs. This group has a pair of incisors not found in rodents.

They are herbivores like rodents and like to gnaw on objects; therefore, look out for your cables and furniture.

  1. Rabbits are crepuscular 

Most people also think rabbits are nocturnal because they sleep a lot during the day. Others also wonder if they sleep a lot at night and are active during the day. Rabbits are crepuscular, meaning they are most active during dusk and dawn.

They will be asleep the better part of the day, but if you observe closely, you will notice how playful they are in periods around dusk and dawn. Therefore, if you want to play with your rabbit, align yourself with the time; they will be in the best mood for it.


Rabbits make great pets, and the surprising bit is that there is a lot that we don’t know about them. Petting a rabbit is an excellent idea as you will get companionship with minimal investment on time and even money. Take time to learn more about rabbits to provide them with the best living conditions.

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