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Tips For Buying Horse Supplies

When buying horse supplies you can choose from a variety of items such as reins, halters, and tongue ties. You can also find saddles and rugs at the site. If you’re not sure what to buy, try browsing through our guides to help you decide. Below is a list of the items you may want to buy for your horse.


When buying a bridle, consider the various types of mouthpieces and bit sizes available. Bits are typically metal, fitting into the horse’s mouth. There are also different types of nosebands, which prevent the horse from opening its mouth too much. Standing martingales require a traditional noseband, while double bridles have additional cheekpieces and can accommodate both snaffle and curb bits.


There are several things to consider when buying a horse halter. It should fit the horse’s head, as well as its neck, nose, and cheek pieces. It should also be able to cover the horse’s throat. There should be enough room for the horse to breathe comfortably, but he should not be able to slip the halter off over his ears. Halters are usually inexpensive, but there are several factors to consider before making a purchase.


The purpose of reins is to connect the rider and horse. They are long straps, usually made of leather, nylon, or metal, and attached to the bridle via a bit or noseband. Reins provide subtle, yet effective instructions to the horse, enabling the rider to steer and maneuver the animal. Reins are used in conjunction with leg aids, shifting body weight, and voice commands. The following are tips for choosing a rein.

Tongues ties

A recent study tested the effectiveness of tongue ties on horses while they were at rest. The study’s authors wanted to test the hypothesis that horses with ties had a longer period of habituation than horses without them. In this study, they chose 12 Standardbreds and tested the responses to tongue ties in the presence and absence of previous experience. The results showed that the ties had no significant effect on the horses’ stress responses.


One of the most important equestrian supplies is a quality helmet. Whether you’re riding for pleasure or competition, a proper helmet will protect your head and neck. The most common injuries occur during the pleasure ride. A fall of 2 feet can result in permanent brain damage. Human skulls can be shattered with an impact of seven to ten kph. Horses gallop at 65 kph.

Safety stirrups

To choose the best safety stirrup for your horse, you should measure its foot plus an inch, or 2,5 centimeters. You can use a measuring tape to find the correct size. Or, you can put your foot inside the stirrup and place your index finger next to it. Safety stirrups should fit the foot snugly and easily release the horse’s foot. The correct fit will help the horse remain comfortable in the saddle.

Snaffle bit

A snaffle bit is a necessary part of horse training, and there are many different types available. Snaffles are available for horses and ponies, and can be made of various materials. One type is sweet iron, while another is copper. You can also choose between stainless steel and black steel snaffle bits. The type of mouthpiece you choose will also depend on the breed of horse you plan to use the snaffle with.

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