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What Is the Right Time to Say Goodbye to Your Cat?

One of the most difficult things for any pet owner is to say goodbye to their beloved pets. Cats do not live long years and when it’s time, it’s difficult to just say bye. You will want your adorable cats to die peacefully and without pain. If your cat is getting older, it’s time to talk to your vet. Don’t be afraid to visit the vet thinking what they will tell.

Zen Dog Vet provides holistic treatments at the comforts of homes. They try to understand the problems of the pets and give solutions to them. If there is no way out, then euthanasia is the proper idea. The clinic is best at home cat euthanasia NYC and many people prefer it. All the pets are treated in natural environment at the clinic.

•       Is the cat nearing old age?

Cats that have entered old age will be less active and if they are suffering from terminal illnesses. Further, many people use painkillers to make the pain go away. Your cat can be in pain if its behavior is changing recently. If your cat is getting restless, it is also a sign.

Purring is definitely not a sign of comfort which needs to be treated at urgent. Discuss all the symptoms with your vet before taking any decision.

•       Taking the euthanasia decision for your cat

Talk to your vet and family when you plan on taking the euthanasia decision for your beautiful pets. Besides, with persistent vomiting, loss of appetite, discomfort, etc. the cat will not last long.

Cat euthanasia at home performed by vets will make them die peacefully at sleep only. The process is emotional since you will see your dear pet dying in front of you. If there is no recovery chance for your pet, euthanasia seems to be the best option. Some cats degrade in their health suddenly and you can’t do anything about it.

What happens in the euthanasia procedure?

At home, euthanasia gives the parents chance to bid final goodbyes to their pets. The vet will try to give anesthesia for performing euthanasia and the cat will not know anything. Secondly, you will need to sign a consent form before the procedure goes on. Euthanasia is an overdose of anesthesia into the vein of the front leg.

It can be given to any other body part as well. Some of the furs of your cat are shaved off for the process. The cat will feel a tiny needle prick and the injection is very painless. The cat might cry when the injection is given. Then they will feel dizziness because of the injection.

The cat will be unconscious within seconds and then its heart will stop beating. If the cats are restless, then the vet might give a sedative before.


The pet euthanasia process is very saddening to both children and adults. It completely depends on whether you want to stay with your cat or not. The house will start feeling empty once your pet dies. This is something not all people can bear easily.

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