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Why Pet Insurance Is So Important

Pets across the globe are very important to their owners for a variety of reasons. Companionship, therapeutic uses, and guiding the blind are all jobs of pets and many people need them in their day to day lives. In these uncertain times with the corona virus and self isolation pets have seen a dramatic rate of adoption and increase in households across the nation. Being able to have a companion greatly increases the mental health of those that are at the most risk of developing severe disease with the virus. The elderly and immunocompromised populations face extreme risk and have been in self isolation since the beginning. Pets allow these individuals to have a companion, a sense of purpose, and truly are acting as emotional support animals. Pets now more than ever are an incredibly important addition to a household and ensuring they are happy and healthy is important to ensure that they are able to be the best companion possible. Pet insurance is one of the only ways owners are able to ensure their companion receives any and all care that is needed. As the saying goes, a healthy pet equals a happy pet. Below are 3 reasons that pet insurance is so important in keeping your pets at tip top shape. 


Pets are beloved creatures but one of the downfalls to them is that there is a species barrier between owner and the pet. Pets are not easily able to communicate when they are feeling unwell and humans tend to only notice issues with their pets when they begin showing physical symptoms like constipation, vomiting, lethargy, and cries. A common health issue with pets is the presence of infections or parasitic organisms. These are not items that can be seen and require sophisticated tests to determine if a parasite or infection is present. A great pet insurance will cover these testing procedures during annual checkups. By receiving these tests annually vets are able to determine if there are any infections or parasites present. These tests are able to detect the presence of these well before a pet begins exhibiting physical symptoms. In this way these diagnostic tests are able to ensure your dog is parasite and infection free before they even begin to feel the adverse effects. Early detection of these items can minimize the chances of more expensive procedures and medication courses as well as ensuring your pet never feels ill. 


Just like humans, pets sometimes require surgical intervention when there are no medication options to treat illnesses. Accidents, bowel blockages, and other illnesses require the need for advanced procedures to keep the pet with a good quality of life. These procedures take years to master and the veterinarians that perform them are often highly trained. With this high degree of knowledge of procedures these surgeons and procedure specialists are paid more as it should be. Pet insurance allows owners to select these highly trained professionals without having to worry about cost. Pet insurances will pay up until a certain maximum however the majority of procedures cost no more than five thousand dollars which is well within a good pet insurance maximum coverage. 

Behavior issues

Humans and pets have a lot of physiological similarities and this is not limited to just organ structure. Pets feel emotions and are able to express these in a variety of ways. Sadly some pets have rough upbringings which make them more susceptible to behavioral issues later on in life. This is incredibly difficult for some owners to handle as they cannot afford to take their dog to trainings and are stuck with having to deal with a misbehaving pet. The longer this goes on the longer an owner is enabling the behavior and animosity toward the pet may grow which worsens the situation. By having a pet insurance plan that covers behavioral issues, owners are able to take their pet into behavioral correction with a much lower price tag. This eliminates the resistance of seeking help by decreasing the price wall of the training. By seeking out help early, pet owners are able to achieve a better behaved pet and continue enjoying their companionship with less issues.

Pet insurance is incredibly important for pets and in this time of uncertainty is increasingly important. Being stuck at home has its downsides but being able to spend quality time with your pets is definitely an upside. Don’t let bills and the cost of pet healthcare drag you down and not take your pet to the veterinary office. Ensuring your pet is healthy on a regular basis is a great way owners can prevent disease and get recommendations from their vet. Reducing the cost of procedures and behavioral training are two other equally important reasons to consider pet insurance as their expenditures can be thousands of dollars. 

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