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Why You Should Give Your Dog CBD

Dogs are everyone’s best friends. If you are a dog parent, you must love them from the bottom of your heart. However, pet problems are common and can be very hard to handle. CBD stands for cannabidiol – made from cannabinoids, which is gaining popularity day by day for its use not only by humans but also in animals. 

CBD has an increased ability to treat a large number of diseases and of being very beneficial for the health of your pets. Cannabinoids come in contact with the receptors in the endocannabinoid system to impose physiological changes. Hence, people need to consider CBD for dogs for their excellent features seriously.

How Does CBD Work in Dogs?

Recent researches have proved that Cannabinoids– compounds from the cannabis tree, react with the endocannabinoid receptors in the body, and soothe the central and peripheral nervous systems. This process continues to maintain the balance in the body and keep your dogs in a healthy condition.

Reasons Why You Should Give Your Pet Dog CBD

If you are a dog owner and are tired of the sudden changes in your dog’s mood or appetite, you might be facing the same stress as many others. According to the research, CBD has no side effects on dogs but has many benefits. This article has enlisted some of the best reasons why you should be giving CBD to your dogs. These reasons include the following:

  • CBD for dogs is the best option for treating anxiety, depression, seizures, inflammation, skin issues, loss of appetite, glaucoma, and sleeplessness.
  • As for anxiety, CBD calms your pet down to the extent that it becomes easier for them to sleep. It can help your dog relieve stress and anxiety and relax their mind. Your dog will stop unnecessary barking when you dose it with the right amount of CBD.
  • Apart from anxiety, CBD is known to work the best as a pain-reliever. It helps your pet get rid of its general aches and body pains caused due to several reasons. It can be seen as a traditional remedy for your dogs, no matter how severe the pain.
  • Apart from all these general ailments, CBD also prevents dogs from epileptic seizures. Dogs are the most common animals suffering from epilepsy, and CBD is a traditional medicine for such a disease.
  • If specific for a disease, CBD is also found to be the best remedy for dogs with cancer.
  • CBD for dogs is completely safe and effective. Vets usually recommend a low dose and to monitor your dogs’ reaction to CBD. If CBD suits a dog, it is harmful to give a comparatively larger dose as well.    
  • Another advantage of using CBD for dogs is that it is not psychoactive, and unlike marijuana, it does not cause any high-sensations or reactions to your pets.
  • High-quality and pure CBD supplements/oils are made from organically-grown hemp seeds free of toxins, which help your dog overcome arthritis pain and inflammation very easily.

How to Give Your Dog CBD

There are multiple ways to add CBD to your dog’s diet to keep them safe and healthy. Firstly, the most common way to give your dog CBD is to add it to a particular dog treat so your dog might nor reject it. Meanwhile, the tasty flavor of the treat won’t let your dog notice you added something. Secondly, you may also give it to the dog directly if your dog is not sensitive in case of the taste of the food. However, giving your dog CBD directly is the most effective way as a direct application in the dog’s mouth causes it to absorb into the bloodstream directly.

Side Effects 

Researches have shown that sometimes CBD can cause possible side effects if consumed in a large dose or if the CBD supplement/oil is not pure. It may be harmful to your dog to be having side effects from CBD. You may need to observe if your dog has dry mouth, as CBD often decreases saliva production. Your dog may also face low blood pressure due to the high dosage and drowsiness due to severe anxiety and weakness. All of these side effects can be prevents by proper dosage.


CBD has been accessible to humans for so many years, but now, it has been studied to show similar effects in dogs and other pets. The most relieving feature of getting your dogs to have CBD is that it is entirely safe and effective to consume. CBD has potential effects on the dog’s nervous system, psychological system, digestive system, and stress and anxiety.

Many people confuse CBD with marijuana, which generally has a more considerable THC level than CBD, but it is not valid. CBD is not at all as harmful as marijuana and does not intoxicate your dog. Therefore, we would recommend you start giving CBD to your dog today if you have been noticing strange acts of your dog for a few days.

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