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Why Your Pet Needs a Portrait

Pet portraits continue to gain in popularity. There is nothing quite like the love that we have for our pets. It’s different from any other love we may have in our lives – children, romantic partners, siblings, parents, etc. Pets love us in an unconditional way, a way that other humans just can’t do. But, with so much love already, do they really need to have their own pet portrait? Here are just a few of the many reasons why your pet needs its own portrait.

Reason #1) To Memorialize Them

Let’s get the most sad reason for a pet portrait out of the way first. We all know, when we adopt a pet, that eventually we will lose them. It’s part of the trade off of pet ownership, one that we willingly trade for all of the years of love and devotion they give us.

When the time comes for them to cross the Rainbow Bridge, whether that event is planned after a lengthy illness or sudden and unexpected, their absence in our lives can be immediately felt. It can be extremely devastating to lose a pet, no matter when and how it happens.

While nothing will bring back your precious pet, having a pet portrait commissioned is a way to memorialize and honor their special place in your life. While they may not be physically in your home, being able to hang a portrait on the wall in an honored place allows you to still be able to see them every day. It’s a great way to showcase the life of a pet that gave so much to you without ever expecting anything back. It won’t bring them back, but it may make it hurt just a little bit less and can help with the grieving process.

Reason #2) To Capture Their Unique Spirit

Every pet is different, with their own unique personality and quirks. Some pets are just a little bit… stranger than others, though. If you live with one of these special creatures, having a pet portrait commissioned is a great way to make sure those quirks get memorialized. Whether your cat carries a sock around everywhere or your dog has to have a rock in its mouth when it’s outside, hiring a company to create a realistic pet portrait will allow you to never forget what makes your pet the individual he or she is. You don’t have to wait until your pet has passed away to capture their unique spirit.

Reason #3) To Add A Little Bit Of Fun To The Home

One fun, popular trend with pet portraits is having your pet painted with clothing on. While many of those portraits include more traditional, renaissance clothing options, other attire is also available to suit you and your pets specific personalities. Pets have been painted into American Gothic, hockey jerseys, and even pop culture references like Star Wars, Game of Thrones, or the President of the United States. The sky is the limit with custom pet portraits. 

Showcasing your pet portrait in a prominent place in the home (above the fireplace, for instance) makes your pet the center of attention in a fun, stylish, trendy way. They’re the perfect wall decor for any home.

Reason #4) As a Fun Gift

Even though our pets are a member of the entire household, there is always one member of the family that is the closest with them. Pet portraits make a fun and unique gift to give that person for any major occasion – birthday, holidays, etc. 

They also are a great “just because” gift, or even a gift to give someone who may be moving out to go to college. Pet portraits are especially great because they can be catered to that person’s individual taste, showcasing the pet they love and adore in a way that fits with their unique aesthetic. You can’t go wrong. You may even get a few tears out of the deal!

Reason #5) They’re Affordable!

Pet portraits are more affordable now than ever before. There aren’t many other forms of art that are customizable and hand painted that can also claim to be affordable. They are also incredibly hassle-free, commissioned simply by uploading a photo and selecting your style. There is literally no excuse to not have one commissioned. You may even be able to use a coupon code! You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Pet portraits make a great, unique way to honor and memorialize your pet. While the time our pets are in our lives may be too short, pet portraits provide owners with a way to remember their pet and his or her unique quirks forever. The ability to customize pet portraits in nearly any way imaginable also allows them to make great gifts and to fit into any home decor. Commission a pet portrait for your special pet today!

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